Current Programs serving our Community





The Lawson Academy is committed to enhanced academic and social development in youth. Through a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum with on-going enrichment and support, students receive authentic hands-on learning experiences and opportunities as well as skills and careers training, for their total growth and progress. Success of this program is evident in the lives of the students, their families, and the community.

The Academy’s mission is to provide quality education and social development with hands-on learning experiences, skills, and career training to insure their lifelong growth and progress.

After nine years under the Houston Independent School District, WALIPP applied for the highly competitive Texas State Charter and received the State Board of Education award in 2010. Today WALIPP Preparatory Academy operates two single-gendered middle school campuses – a boys campus located at Texas Southern University and a girls campus at St. James Episcopal Church. The Academy — on both campuses — uses a creative academic curriculum to build student success and to develop the whole person. In 2015, the name was changed to The Lawson Academy to better reflect the importance of our founders to the community.




WALIPP Senior Residence, a four-story structure with a central elevator/atrium area, contains 42 two-bedroom apartments and 8 one-bedroom apartments designed for independent living by adults 55 and older. All amenities comply with the American Disabilities Act. The ground floor houses a laundry facility, mail center, multifunctional activity center, dining/meeting room, kitchen, rest rooms, leasing office, storage and 2,000 square feet of commercial space. Resident parking is in a controlled-access lot behind the building; retail parking is located on Scott Street.

On-campus beauty and barber services along with effective programming enable our residents to enjoy fellowship and camaraderie minutes away from the Medical Center, downtown and local events. We are not just managing an apartment building, we have created a viable and nurturing community: one with Movie & Game Nights, Health Service Presentations, Legal Document Preparation, Tax Preparation Assistance, Weekly Bible Studies, and community parties that engage the residents in fun and rewarding experiences.

Resident comments about this project are good, with many reporting that they appreciate the warmth of the staff and the comfort of their individual units.






In recent years, the WALIPP Public Defender Program noted scores of exonerations based on DNA or other evidence. The court-appointed lawyer system had enabled careless legal defenses to unfairly jail a significant number of innocent people for years and even decades. WALIPP led the advocacy efforts before the Harris County Commissioners Court to confirm Alex Bunin as Chief Public Defender, the first in our county’s history. The office of the Public Defender steps in when an accused person cannot afford to hire a lawyer. Mr. Bunin’s appointment, made possible as a result of the efforts of WALIPP and religious leaders of all faiths, marked a major improvement in the system of Criminal Justice for Houston’s indigent population.